1 December 2009
[bdj] Yes, the bozos who claimed I was Belle de Jour were completely deluded! … Stewart Home’s reaction to Belle de Jour revealing her identity … ‘One thing I am absolutely certain of is that I didn’t write the Belle de Jour blog and books despite the claims to the contrary made by various conspiracy nuts.’
[bdj] Meanwhile… Belle de Jour on Celebrity Big Brother? ZOMG!!

belle de jour on celebrity big brother

2 December 2009
[google] Autocomplete Me … a blog revealing oddball search requests via Google’s autocomplete feature … ‘monsters are… real and ghosts are real too. they live inside us and sometimes they win.’
3 December 2009
[comics] Counterculture Comics Hero Grant Morrison Gets a Biopic … Wired cover a new documantary about Grant Morrison … ‘Morrison has lived a very full life, from playing in rock bands to experimenting as a transvestite to becoming, like Alan Moore, a chaos magician. There’s a lot of fertile ground in his personality alone, to say nothing of his sometimes autobiographical comics. In the process, Morrison has become a counterculture icon primed for mainstream crossover.’
4 December 2009
[interesting] The 50 Most Interesting Articles On Wikipedia … including… ETAOIN SHRDLU: ‘The letters on Linotype keyboards were arranged by letter frequency, so ETAOIN SHRDLU were the first two vertical columns on the left side of the keyboard.’
7 December 2009
[comics] The Best Comics Of The ’00s … from The A.V. Club. On Morrison and Quitely’s All Star Superman: ‘…Morrison puts a fresh spin on old Superman ideas—Bizarro, Jimmy Olsen’s monstrous transformations—and introduces some of his own, including a story in which Superman is secretly responsible for the world you’re living in right now. It’s enough to send even the most jaded comics fan outside to look up in the sky.’
[morrison] Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods Trailer … a bunch of comic-types try to sum up Grant Morrison … (more…)
8 December 2009
[batman] ‘Hey Batman, What Are Your Parents Getting You For Christ-‘

Hey Batman, What Are Your Parents Getting You For Christ-

9 December 2009
[funny] New Study Reveals Most Children Unrepentant Sociopaths

“The most disturbing facet of this ubiquitous childhood disorder is an utter lack of empathy,” Mateo said. “These people—if you can even call them that—deliberately violate every social norm without ever pausing to consider how their selfish behavior might affect others. It’s as if they have no concept of anyone but themselves.”

“The depths of depravity that these tiny psychopaths are capable of reaching are really quite chilling,” Mateo added.

10 December 2009
[comics] The Comics Reporter’s Holiday Shopping Guide ’09 … great selection of comic gifts to buy this year … On A Drifting Life: ‘Very few if any reviews of this massive autobiographical work from the great Yoshihiro Tatsumi note how completely mad it is on a certain level to follow a young man around as he reads and draws comics over the space of several decades. This book more than has the courage of that particular conviction, and I’ve never seen any artist invoke the relationship-warping monomania of creativity as well as Tatsumi does here.’
11 December 2009
[comics] Time Lost Batman is on Twitter: ‘You don’t get it, Pharaoh. This isn’t a desert. It’s an operating table, and I’M THE SURGEON!!!’ (more…)
12 December 2009
[curtis] Dubai 1975 … Adam Curtis digs up some intriguing footage of Dubai in 1975 from the BBC Archive‘It is a glimpse of Dubai just before it started to become the strange fantasy world it is today. It has a great creepy British under-secretary for foreign affairs, plus very good tartan fashions.’
13 December 2009
[comics] Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns on Batman‘He’s kind of a dick.’ (more…)
14 December 2009
[music] Iron Maiden’s “The Number of the Beast” compressed over and over as an MP3 666 times… If you listen to this you will bleed goats blood out of your ears – FACT … ‘and if u r wondering, YES it does lose quality each time it is compressed.’ [via Kottke]
[funny] I Am Locking the Wikipedia Article On Our Sex Life‘Locking the article has also become necessary to prevent the constant reinsertion of a section with the heading “Like a Cowardly Slug That’s Just Spotted a Pile of Salt,” detailing at length the uncharacteristically unsatisfying night we shared in a Paris hotel last summer. As I made clear several times on the talk page of our sex life, that was a completely unrepresentative occasion…’
15 December 2009
[funny] Go Look: The Morgan Freeman Chain Of Command. [via Robot Wisdom]
[history] The Magnet … a mostly-complete archive (scroll to the botton of the page) of the famous weekly boys story paper that featured Billy Bunter along with many other similar papers. [via Metafilter]
16 December 2009
[comics] Go Look: Top 75 Most Iconic DC Covers of All-Time.
18 December 2009
[tv] Let’s Enhance Montage‘Lock On and enhance the Zee Axis…’ (more…)
19 December 2009
[amazon] Amazon Buying Tricks … some useful tips from Martin Lewis … ‘While Amazon lists free delivery on some products, you have to select the ‘super saver’ delivery box at the check out. If not, the default delivery option is expensive 1-2 days first-class.’
20 December 2009
[funny] Go Look: Fuck You, I’m Batman / The Best Wireless Network Name Ever / The Eyes Have It
21 December 2009
[comics] A Dave Sim illustration of Malcolm X

Dave Sim's Malcolm X
[tv] Thomas The Tank Engine Attacked For ‘Conservative Political Ideology’‘In one episode, Thomas whistles impatiently at a police officer and is replaced with a different engine as a punishment for showing dissent.’ [via Graybo]
22 December 2009
[comics] Complete Set of Opening Credits to the Marvel Cartoons of the 1960s with Lyrics‘The musical intros to these cartoons have left an undeniable splash on American pop culture. Now, as a case in point, I have a 6 year old nephew and he knows the words to the 1960s cartoon Spider-Man theme song. How is that even possible?’ [via Metafilter]
[comics] Dave Sim Goes Partially Print On Demand; Industry To Follow? … this makes a lot of sense for Sim – and it fits in with his past as a champion of self-publishing … ‘The important thing to take away from this is that POD is now being used for comics as a way to keep backlist available, without having to print thousands and thousands of comics at a time that may take years to sell through. That’s about the best use of POD I can think of, actually, following up a high-quality print run with digital copies for latecomers.’
[comics] Mike Sterling On Watchmen: ‘…there’s a part of me that wishes the Watchmen film had been an enormous hit, enough so that a sequel would have been inevitable, and that even possibly new comic book follow-ups and tie-ins would have been published. Because really, the fanguish that would have caused would have been epically awesome.’
23 December 2009
[funny] Go Look: Spiderman Missed His Train At Kings Cross.
[movies] Great Overview Of The Best Of Asian Cinema … my friend Steve has been looking at Asian Cinema from some time now on his blog Things Fall Apart. His review of progress so far is a great jumping on point … ‘The blog has not run the way I thought it would. I started with a list of 15 movies. I still have to cover my favourite 7 (Oldboy, My Sassy Girl, Infernal Affairs, Uzamki, Battle Royale, Suicide Circle and Kairo). I have at least another 20 movies that I know I want to talk about.’
[comics] Robert Crumb Thinks God Might Actually Be Crazy … another Crumb interview promoting his Illustrated Book of Genesis‘As a Gnostic, yeah, I would say there’s a bigger design. Sometimes you have a split-second glimpses of it. For a second you catch the greater meaning, but then it’s lost.’ [via Neilalien]
24 December 2009
[twitter] Tweeting Too Hard … a blog collecting the most self-important tweets from Twitter … ‘fan belt light came on in the 911 so now I’m driving the Cayenne Turbo S – the backup, backup car. Trying not to think about the Tesla…’ [link]
28 December 2009
[motivational] Kurt Vonnegut Motivational Posters

Kurt Vonnegut Motivational Poster

29 December 2009
[golook] Go Look: A Gary Busey Family PhotoWonderfully Done Recursive PhotoHow The Internet Works.
[meme] What Are The First Three Words You See On This Grid? … Bail, Kick, Past.
[blogs] The Annotated Weekender … a blog of doodles all over the Weekend Guardian / Observer Magazines. [via]
30 December 2009
[london] Evening Standard Headline Crisis 2009 … another years worth of the best of the headline boards from the Evening Standard – and probably the last due to it going free …

images of the evening standards headline boards in 2009
Click on the images for the full set

31 December 2009
[crime] Madeleine McCann… part of a series on Icons Of The Decade from The Guardian

Late in 2007, Gerry McCann gave an interview to an American magazine and talked about the decision to publicise the eye defect. “Certainly we thought it was possible that [the publicity] could possibly hurt her or her abductor might do something to her eye . . . But in terms of marketing, it was a good ploy.”

It is this unsettling mix – of the incredibly intimate and the coolly tactical – that has made the mystery of Madeleine McCann arguably the biggest and most extraordinary child abduction story in history…

[funny] The Perfect Billboard‘My God, it even has a watermark.’