[comics] More Alan Moore — unpublished excerpts from an interview in the March edition of Word Magazine‘In real life, Graham Greene based Harry Lime in The Third Man on Kim Philby, who’d been his handler in MI6. When Philby defected in 1963,the newspaper headlines read PHILBY IS THE THIRD MAN, but they were simply reiterating a literal truth from a work of fiction. Philby had been the third man all along. And then… Philby was named after Rudyard Kipling’s Kim. Kipling lived in Broadstairs which is where John Buchan wrote The 39 Steps, near the real 39 steps down to the beach. So it all ties together. There’s something about it all that’s more than coincidence. It drives you mad after a while.’ [thanks Fraser]

Yet Another Alan Moore Interview

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Great stuff. That man is just incapable of giving a bad interview…

I’d really recommend the article Moore wrote on pornography that you can find a link to there as well. But it’s very long so make a cup of tea before you begin reading it.

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