[food] Fancy pizza twice a day, every day? — the Guardian on Tony Benn and his love of pizza… ‘On Tuesday September 9 2001, his diary records, Tony Benn went shopping. Specifically, he went looking for his “favourite triple-cheese pizzas”, which had inexplicably disappeared from the shelves of his local supermarket. “I have,” he notes, “eaten two of them every day for years.” At first glance, this revelation may appear to raise important questions as to the continued health of our treasured Last Living Socialist, the only triple-cheese pizza commonly available from UK supermarkets being, as far as I can see, the Chicago Town Deep Dish Triple Cheese Pizza, which costs ¬£1.65 for two at Tesco and contains, according to the Food Standards Agency, a healthy 30% of a person’s recommended daily fat intake per portion.’

Tony Benn and Pizza…

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