[comics] Matt Murdock is a Dick … the infamous moment when Matt Murdock drops a kid down a lift shaft in Daredevil #209 …

matt murdock kicks a kid down a lift

Matt Murdock is a Dick

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Oh Matty, what you’ll do to hide your philandering ways…

Didn’t Harlan Ellison write that issue?

It was from an idea by Harlan Ellison – Arthur Byron Cover wrote it. They were also involved with Daredevil #208 which was the setup for this issue (and explains why Matt would throw a child down a lift shaft.)

So what was the setup?

IIRC, somebody sent a ton of little girl andriods after Matt to draw him in to a trap. Things go boom, Matt escapes, etc. (Apologies for the crap recap, I was eight when I first read that issue ;)

Spoilerish summay of issue 209:

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