[evolution] External testicles proves ‘unintelligent design’‘”The religious right are always harping on about so-called ‘Intelligent Design’ but both the irrational and rational response has to be ‘bollocks’,” said anti-creationism campaigner Sean Duff. “Why would anyone intelligent put something as sensitive as testicles in a little sack on the outside? Surely this proves the concept of ‘Unintelligent Design’?”

External Testicles Proves ‘Unintelligent Design’

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That’s an easy one to answer. Sperm can only survive at body temperature for about 2-3 days that’s why testicles hang outside the body. If sperm could survive at body temperature then it would simply wait around inside a woman’s body after intercourse until she ovulated and pregnancy would almost be guaranteed; we’d breed like rats or roaches. The fact that live sperm needs to be inside a woman at the time of ovulation cuts the chances of pregnancy dramatically and regulates the birth rate. The benefits for us is that sex can be used purely for enjoyment when a woman isn’t ovulating but also for reporoduction at the time of ovulation. Intelligent design? Absolutely.

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