[doom] Supposing … We invent some decoy doomsday scenarios — more from Charlie Brooker‘Terrorist extremists? Yeah, they’re frightening – but what about those North Korean nukes? Or global warming, come to think of it? I need a personal bloody organiser to sort it out – a gizmo that’ll set me a “timetable of concern” just so I can break down my overall sense of creeping dread into manageable, bite-sized flurries of panic. Otherwise, I’m in danger of forgetting to worry about some things – like bird flu, for instance. I haven’t seriously crapped myself about that since, ooh, February? Whenever it was, a top-up’s long overdue.’

Charlie Brooker on Faked Doomsday Scenarios

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Do you ever notice how many movies, books and tv specials there are nowadays about the end of the world? And do you also notice how many voluntary and mandatory evacuations citizens have had to go through in recent years from real or supposed threats? With this in mind, what if the government, the media, and the scentific community teamed up to tell the greatest lie in the history of mankind; that an asteroid, or comet, or giant meteor shower was heading for the earth, and the only way to survive would be to leave your home, and go to the nearest goverment “evacuation center”(concentration camp). Can you imagine what that would be like? Can you imagine how many morons would fall for that one? What a hell of a social experiment that would be!!! Tell as many people as you can about this, before it’s too late!!! There is more where that came from! Check out my blog Barry’s Amazing Ideas at
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