[comics] Tales of the Black Freighter: Marooned — a reconstruction of the Pirate Comic from Watchmen … ‘Waking from nightmare, I found myself upon a dismal beach-head, amongst dead men and the pieces of dead men. Bosun Ridley lay nearby. Birds were eating his thoughts and memories. Reader take comfort from this: In Hell, at least the gulls are contented.’

Reconstruction of the Pirate Comic from Watchmen

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Interesting link between the final sentence you quote from the Pirate story within Watchmen – “In Hell, at least the gulls are contented.” given that, as you know, Mr Moore wrote From Hell, a graphic (in every sense of the word) novel that posits Sir William Gull as Jack the Ripper.

Yeah, it’s good you noticed. It’s primarily the reason I posted the quote.

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