3 January 2006
[comics] Warren Ellis Audio Interview — check out the Alan Moore section ‘No Warren. Don’t tell me about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Film. I might cry.’
4 January 2006
[books] Spotted on The Further Adventures of Belle De Jour‘What Belle de Jour did next… From becoming an agony aunt, to hanging up her stilettos and finding love with a man who knows all about her past…’ [Delicious: Posts with belledejour Tag]
7 January 2006
[comics] Drawing Fire — Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson describes why political cartoonists should never give out their email addresses. ‘…every time I draw a cartoon critical of George Bush my inbox gets inundated with a tidal surge of hate mail. I’m not alone, of course. Steve Bell gets it too. In fact the first piece of digital bile I received asked me why I drew Mr Bush as a monkey, when he was the president of the United States of America and I was just a schmuck. I politely replied that I never had, and that my correspondent had got the wrong lefty cartoonist. I got a reply saying I was an asshole anyway.’
[politics] Get Back To Work, George — find out how much George Galloway is costing the British taxpayer whilst he’s in Celebrity Big Brother.
8 January 2006
[movie] Viral Email: How Not to Drink a Flaming Sambuca (more…)
9 January 2006
[distraction] Poom! — another fun web browser based keepy-uppy game.
[google] Can’t Find On Google — web site listing things people can’t find on Google … ‘Most of the time, you punch what you want to know into Google, and you instantly get what you’re looking for. But have you ever had that experience, where you try query after query and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t find what you’re looking for? That’s what this site is for — because the things Google can’t find is more interesting than the stuff Google can find.’
10 January 2006
[comics] Michael Avon Oeming takes on Warren Ellis — interview between the two comic creators … ‘I come to the pub to work, not to talk. A fan once tracked down the pub I work in, and came in asking questions. When I arrived, everyone was very tense. He didn’t realise there were three large blokes behind him ready to stamp on him if he moved funny. He turned out to be a very nice guy. But they’re kind of protective of me here.’
[funny] David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist‘He has even less musical talent than John Tesh… His television shows are unwatchable… and yet He’s one of the world’s most popular stars… how has He done it? I submit David Hasselhoff is the AntiChrist and I have the proof…’
11 January 2006
[comics] Fell #1 — Warren Ellis’ new comic available online with art from Ben Templesmith. ‘Detective Richard Fell is transferred over the bridge from the big city to Snowtown, a feral district whose police roster numbers three-and-a-half people (one detective has no legs). Dumped in this collapsing urban trashzone, Richard Fell is starting all over again. In a place where nothing seems to make any sense, Fell clings to the one thing he knows to be true: Everybody’s hiding something. Even him.’
[ukblogs] Call Centre Confidential Returns‘This is a new start and a chance to reinvent myself.’0
[comics] I Heart Pixels — the sketchblog of R Stevens of Diesel Sweeties Fame. [via The Daily Chump]
12 January 2006
[comics] 911 in Comic Books — webpage looking at how comic books portrayed 911. Includes the black covered issue of Spider-Man which has Doctor Doom shedding a tear… [via Metafilter]


[google] The Prejudice Map‘According to Google, people in the world are known for…’
13 January 2006
[media] From Mail Watch – vote for your favourite Daily Mail or Daily Express Headline of 2005‘Death by Suntan’ [via]
[funny] Jimmy Corrigan Condensed — Chris Ware parodies JC. [via BeaucoupKevin]
15 January 2006
[web] “No” in Many Languages … How to say ‘No’ in 520 or so languages.
[books] Burning Down the Sixties — oldish interview with James Ellroy. On Oliver Stone’s JFK: …

‘That movie is electrifying for the first 45 minutes because it hints at Cuba. It never hints at the mob, and it’s too bad, because it is the mob. You know, it’s the mob-renegades-CIA-crazy-Cuban-exiles nexus, and anything else is horse shit. I would believe the single-gunman theory before I would believe the military-industrial complex theory. It’s preposterous. “Gentlemen, I’ll give you your damn war.” Ha! War this! [points to his crotch]’

16 January 2006
[fun] The Ikea Game — great time-wasting game from Cal. ‘…given a list of IKEA product names, can you guess what the product is.’
[comics] The Day the Powers Died — When did Brian Michael Bendis jump the shark? … ‘What was the point where it all went south for Bendis? The answer was actually much easier than I’d guessed. The fucking monkey issue of Powers.’ [via Neilalien]
17 January 2006
[birdflu] Headaches? Runny Nose? Body Aches? Try: Lemsip Max Avian Bird Flu Capsules [via Bowblog]
[net] Random Personal Picture Finder — find random pictures from Google based on filenames from various types of digital cameras.
18 January 2006
[politics] Day 13 … and Things aren’t going to Plan in the House — Simon Hoggart on George Galloway‘Take the scenes last week when he pretended to be a cat, licking imaginary cream from the cupped hands of Rula Lenska, while she murmured to him “here pussy, pussy, pussy, yes, ooh, little pussy … you’ve got cream all over your whiskers!” (In the words of the old Grolsch lager ad, “Stop! This porno film is not ready yet!”) You can be sure that episode will never be forgotten, and every time Mr Galloway rises to repeat his grand denunciation of George Bush and Tony Blair, he will be met with a chorus of miaows.’
20 January 2006
[blogs] This Blog Will Change Your Life — what happens if you spend a year following the instructions in This Book Will Change Your Life‘A day of compliments. Flatter someone today and see if it does indeed get you anywhere. “Gee, that sure is a splendid mustache comb.”‘
22 January 2006
Google Video: William Shatner’s version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
23 January 2006
[f.e.a.r] Reasons to be Fearful — Bloggerheads on what scares Sun Readers: ‘You worry more about CRIME, HEALTH and MONEY than you did 15 years ago. But it is the horrors of porn on the INTERNET, chatroom PERVS, VIOLENCE against kids, DRUGS and the hoodie YOB CULTURE which cause you most anxiety.’
24 January 2006
[environment] TV’s ‘sleep’ button stands accused — BBC News on TV’s power-wasting standby mode … ‘A survey by the Energy Saving Trust found that the average household has up to 12 gadgets left on standby or charging at any one time. It also showed that more than £740m of electricity was wasted by things being left ticking over.’
[web] Murdoch to bring MySpace to UK‘A debate rages about whether parents have the right to view their offspring’s online musings on what is after all a public site site. Perhaps people should be more concerned that, unlike previous generations, today’s youth are likely to see their moralistic rantings, crushes and fashion and hairstyling disasters preserved online, for eternity…’
25 January 2006
[politics] The Guardian Asks: Why is the US so obsessed with Cuba?‘Psychologists might argue that the real reason for America’s pathological irritation is Castro’s refusal to go quietly. He laughed off the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, stirred things up during the missile crisis in 1962, and welcomed the Pope with open arms in 1998. To the sound of grinding teeth across the Straits of Florida, he has attempted to play down the fall of the Soviet Union and a 44-year-long trade embargo with the US as mere flesh wounds. He is, in short, a one-man blow to their pride.’
[comics] Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly — interview with the creators of Local from the Onion AV Club … ‘It’s possibly rather implausible that any human being would travel and live in 12 cities in 12 years, but I knew people that did stuff like that. They’re just very aimless, and just were always moving somewhere. So hopefully it’s not too implausible.’ [via Sore Eyes]
26 January 2006
[comics] BeaucoupKevin: Always Remember – Grant Morrison just had sex with your wife
28 January 2006
[tv] Forensic criminology, the ZX Spectrum Way — how did the sound of the loading screen from Sabre Wulf get into CSI: Miami? … ‘Their expensive new XRF machine appears to be a Sinclair Spectrum making tape loading noises. But as if that’s not geeky enough… The combined forces of comp.sys.sinclair have identified the data in question as the loading screen to Sabre Wulf by Ultimate.’
[comics] A Comics Panel with Chris Ware, Seth and Ivan Brunetti. [via Waxy]
29 January 2006
[comics] The Story Behind the Microsoft Font Comic Sans — It’s all Frank Miller and John Constanza’s fault: ‘I started with the font drawing software Macromedia Fontographer, trying to make the capitals in a similar form as the lettering used in DC, Marvel and all other company’s comic books. The Dark Knight Returns a Batman book was one of the books I referenced often.’
30 January 2006
[language] 112 Translations of: “Oh my God! There’s an axe in my head.” [via]