[tv] The TV Hit That No One Watches — the Guardian on Monk‘Working from a memorably high-concept tagline – “Obsessive. Compulsive. Detective” – the scriptwriters contrive all manner of amusing plot twists. Faced with a chaotic crime scene, Monk’s immediate instinct is to tidy it up. His fear of heights – his irrational terrors also include milk, crowds, needles, lifts and mushrooms – is no get-out when he has to investigate a murder on a ferris wheel. Or when he has to join the customary chase up a fire escape (after much torment, he pulls down his sleeves to protect his hands from the grimy rails). Part of the charm is how the series mines his condition for incidental humour rather than mocking it outright. Part of it is watching [Tony] Shalhoub, a consummate character actor, working with his co-stars…’

The Guardian on Monk

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Monk is top! If not for Vincent D’Onofrio’s scenery chewing in Criminal Intent, he’d be my choice for TV’s top ‘tec.

Monk is Brilliant.

It is my favourite Cops Tv program after the CSI programs.

In Austria its on at 9:00 every monday night right after CSI Miami and just before Desperate Housewives. There is also CSI New York and Cold Case on later. I just wish they would send Housewives onto a later slot and let us have a total Cops evening from 8:15 till 11:00.

This is my favorite TV show!!

A fantastic show – sometimes a little simplistic in terms of mystery – but excellently played by all, and Shalhoub is just amazing. And the DVD sets are dirt cheap!

I’ve only ever seen one episode but it had me in stitches. In particular, there was a scene where he visits a kindergarten; his mounting horror as he’s surrounded by a crescendo of sniffing, sneezing and coughing kids was just priceless. Shalhoub is also very good in Spy Kids, and Galaxy Quest – and everything else he’s in, actually. Will be looking out for the DVDs.

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