[lard] Lard Crisis: Mince Pies Threatened As Supplies Dwindle‘Demand in east European countries for cheap cuts of pork has led to a shortage of meat suitable for rendering into lard. New members of the European Union, including Hungary and Poland, are buying within the union to avoid a levy on non-EU imports. Supermarkets such as Morrisons have been forced to display signs on shelves apologising for the lack of lard’ [Related: Mefi on the Lard Crisis]

Lard Crisis!!

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I’m glad that LMG now features a post category of [lard]. Next week, I expect a post in the category [mushy peas].

In comparison to the real world, this satire no longer seems so funny:

I suspect that the moment I typed “[lard]” LMG jumped the shark. It’s all downhill from here…

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