[bdj] Some Belle de Jour links I missed …

» … BDJ has a domain name.

» I am not Belle de Jour … somebody should sell this to Sarah Champion.

» Who is Belle de Jour? — the Daily Mail “investigated” the identity of BDJ back in April. ‘…we know rather a lot about Belle. Except, of course, her true identity, which has been the subject of frenzied speculation in publishing circles. Rumours abound. There are even those who even insist Belle is a he, not a she.’

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Domain Name:

Ian Elliott Shircore

I suspect that BDJ’s publishing company registered the domain with Shircore acting on their behalf.

Fair enough, it seems pretty unlikely he/she/it would lay such subterfuge, then forget about such a detail.

Ian Elliott Shircore was the writer of one of the Whizz Kids books in the 80s.

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