[mp3] We’re Stuck with MP3 — why the standard music compression format isn’t going to be replaced anytime soon… ‘The newer audio formats, including Ogg Vorbis, seem to have at least two things going for them compared with MP3: smaller files and less expense. But because any change would require conversion of billions of files – a royal pain in the butt – it just won’t happen.’ [via 2lmc]

Why MP3 won’t Die

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The only argument seems to be that it would involve converting lots of files, which is a pain. I would not even countenance it. However, Ogg Vorbis could take over with anything new, because people can simply rip to Ogg rather than ripping to MP3. This may not happen soon, because most internet users don’t even know about Ogg. But it could do.

As for DRM – pah. iTunes sucks. “P2P will never die!”

The problem for me is that Winamp does not rip to Ogg.

It’s that old VHS versus BetaMax thing ain’t it. BetaMax was better but VHS got the lion’s share of the market…

Bad analogy. There were more VHS players, so movie companies only produced VHS videos. With music files, anyone can convert to anything.

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