[comics] The 12 Dumbest Covers of American Comic Books … [via Die Puny Humans]

photoshop this comic cover!

Oddball Comics on The Rifleman Cover: ‘Y’know, I’ve heard the term “sportin’ a woody” before — but this… this… this is just plain ridiculous! And the expressions on the faces of Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford just make things worse — or at least, funnier!’

12 Dumb American Comic Book Covers

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That Ellis, always on the cutting edge.

Even funnier if you’re aware of the old story that Chuck Connors had worked in gay porn before breaking into TV.

Oh geesh!

and here all these years I had wonderful memories of wanting Connors to be my Paw and Crawford to my little brother… and to find “woodie” pic…

Oh the shame of it all!!!!

(How did it ever get past the censorship back then?)

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