[comics] Zenith Phase 3 Scorecard — amusing list of all the characters in Morrison and Yeowell’s corruption and destuction of a vast array of old British comic heroes … General Jumbo: ‘…this is General Jumbo. While we don’t see him properly until part 5 “Letter from the Underworld”, he is in this prologue – we see him dead, face down in the sea with his trousers round his ankles. Quite what Grant felt he did to deserve so ignominious a death I don’t know.’ [via Venusberg]

“War in Heaven” Scorecard

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That’s great.

I think I’m going to go home & read my entire Zenith collection – arguably one of the greatest things 2000AD ever published – certainly one of their most mature.

Just a minute though – I’m sure I subliminally noticed this when I first read it – but now it’s startlingly clear…Miss Wonderstarr is Siouxie Sioux (sp?).

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