[war] Baghdad Calling — the Guardian’s G2 Section had several pages of recent postings from Where is Raed? today … ‘Those who know Baghdad well, and who have read the diary closely, say there is no doubt in their mind that whoever is writing it is currently resident in the Iraqi capital. The author may display evidence of spending time in the west (possibly Britain, though he does use Americanisms) with his cynical sense of humour and love of David Bowie lyrics, but the reams and reams of fascinating detail about domestic and street life in Baghdad are highly convincing.’

Where is Raed? in the Guardian

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Good to see that Raed updated his site this morning. (He’s mainly worried about bandwidth problems he’s causing? !!)

Does he know? What is the position on reproducing weblogs? Did they get permission?

And now the Beeb:

I hope he’s keeping his head down. The Iraqis will be looking for him by now, I’m sure.

uh, he is iraqi… i guess ba’athist police or something?

well, I meant the Iraqi military authorities or someone. You know exactly what I meant! guh :)

yup :D i knew!

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