[food] Not So Big, Mac — a look at the problems McDonalds are currently facing. ‘…the all-American fast-food chain, the symbol of US-driven trade liberalisation and peace through commerce is, in certain key ways, a bizarrely un-American phenomenon. In a culture that champions entrepreneurialism, the corporation is now a vast, unwieldy bureaucracy; in a culture that thrives on innovation, it has been selling the fast-food treat of the American working-classes of the Eisenhower era for decades since Eisenhower. And in an economy where unlimited choice – or at least the appearance of choice – is the main selling point of every food store, deli or coffee shop, McDonald’s has, from the beginning, adhered to the alternative philosophy of You’ll Eat What You’re Given.’

The Problems facing McDonalds

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Production orientation vs customer orientation. Henry Ford: “any colour you like, so long as it’s black”.

I don’t think “Eisenhower era food” is an epithet. The point is that a hamburger is a good lunch anywhere, if properly prepared, but McDonald’s food is just plain muck.

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