[comics] Worth a Thousand Words — Salon on Dan Clowes and Adrian Tomine … On Twentieth Century Eightball: ‘The best are easily as testily thoughtful and revealing as Clowes’ works of fiction. And if they aren’t concerned with creating sustained narrative story lines, taken together they do tell us a lot about character — though the character revealed most is Daniel Clowes (represented either as himself or via a “transparent stand-in” in roughly half of the pieces). In contrast to his graphic novels, these strips resemble a Clowes manifesto, or perhaps the notes scrawled by his psychoanalyst. (Said analyst would probably have much to say about “The Happy Fisherman,” about a guy who walks around with a frozen fish stuck to his dick, “Ink Studs,” in which a penis serves as a paintbrush, and “Needledick, the Bug Fucker,” which is exactly what it sounds like.)’ [via Boing Boing]

Salon on Dan Clowes

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“Clowes is also the author of three previous fat and delicious works of fiction”. She forgot to mention ‘Pussey!’ Mind you, I can see why she didn’t, since its appeal is strictly limited to those who can understand its limited frame of reference…

Curious, too, that when talking about Enid’s most striking points, she’s referring to the film version of GW, and neglects to mention so. (and does she only read Fantagraphics books?)

I’m still getting over the disappointment that the Ghost World dvd didn’t come complete with Clowes’ commentary — or *any* commentary, come to that. boooo!

Fantagraphics does seem to be getting more than it’s fair share of attention recently. A lot of it comes (I guess) from Chris Ware and Clowes via the Ghost World film and mainstream acceptance of Jimmy Corrigan.

If you like Clowes you are probably going to enjoy anything Drawn and Quaterly (Seth, Joe Sacco, Jason Lutes, Joe Matt and Chester Brown — a strong lineup) publishes, along with others like Evan Dorkin…

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