[comics] Probably the best individual comic panel ever? (St. Swithin’s Day by Grant Morrison and Paul Grist, click picture to enlarge) …

Why Am I Such A Wanker?

‘I can only dance to one song – “There She Goes” – and only in the bathroom. I don’t even need a record player. Sometimes I can just shut my eyes and HEAR it. Guitars like church bells. And then the drums start. And the singing comes in and I want to cry. And I’m going to die. I’m going to die tommorrow. I’m going to die and I don’t care. I’M GOING TO DIE! You know what they say – You’re only young once. And that was it.’

Why Am I Such A Wanker?

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Isn’t that Winchester High Street?

Yes it is.

I was living in Winchester when it came out – we used to do the St Swithins Day tour, going to the cafe, sitting against a gravestone, asking why we were wankers…

Certainly, one of Grant’s best comics.

It is a really good panel, but at the same time it’s a recurring theme of a lot of (auto)bio comics, especially those from the mid-80s. The unusual thing about this particular panel is that he’s facing away from the reader, rather than facing or addressing the reader directly.

All this puts me in mind of an American zine called The Long Walk Nowhere, which I think is really rather good. It has a fantastic extended sequence where the author walks around his home town (to which he has reluctantly returned) in the middle of the night. It’s top.

If this is the comic Jez is on about:
I think I’ve got it somewhere. Have to dig it out.

Also, a review of it here:

It is the very one. Dig it out now Pete, and basking in its comicy wonderfulness.

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