[rant] Trouble when Tweed Comes to Town — Will Self rants about the Countryside March … ‘Yes, Countryside Alliance, you’re the Tories who can’t stand the free market; you’re the libertarians who can’t handle homosexual rights or decriminalising drugs; you’re the defenders of Fortress Britain who get bankrolled by Brussels. You aren’t old MacDonald – you’re bloody senile.’ [via Guardian Weblog]

Will Self on the Countryside March

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I read that article in a workmate’s copy of the rag and it was tops, but gah, the Standard have fucked their site up (sorry, redesigned it) and it’s not to be found because their Will Self archive only goes up to July. Damn the bastards. I wonder when Londoners are going to realise the Standard is not on their side and stop buying the damn thing…

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