[comics] This is Information — a page from Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie’s 911 Tribute comic-strip …

By Alan Moore, Melinda Gebbie -- Panels from 'This Is Information' 9-11 Comic

‘This is what Entropy looks like. Not much Energy. Not much information. The Kinetic Energy bound up inside the structure is released with its collapse, a single Pulverising Burst. Complex information is reduced to dull simplicity. Rubble, for example contains little information it all looks the same. This could be London, New York, Baghdad, Belfast, or Kabul. Or Anywhere.’

Alan Moore’s 911 Comic-strip

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I’m not so sure it’s “a page from” as much “the page that is”. Seems complete to me.

sorry, wrong, the story in question is about seven pages long. and it GOOD, very very good. i fact worth buying the whole book for, yes, that good.

but don’t buy the “companion” 9-11 book unless you are into cheesy superhero spandex knee jerk patriotism.

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