[bb3] It’s Imperative that I spot any Nudity — behind the scenes at the Press Agency covering Big Brother 3‘Rob Kelly, 21, works for a press agency, Kent News and Pictures. For the last eight weeks, he’s watched Big Brother for 12 hours a day. His eyes must not leave the screen. If he needs the loo, someone stands in. Every three to four minutes, he fills in a log of the housemates’ activity. When his shift finishes at 9am, another “monitor” immediately takes over for the next 12 hours until Kelly resumes his watch at 9pm.’

Behind the Scenes at a Press Agency Covering Big Brother

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“So, what do you do for a living?”
“Well, every summer, I spend so long observing unpleasant strangers that I soon know them better than their immediate families. Very fulfilling.”

Or perhaps it was a well paid summer job watching nobodies do nothing in particular but which for some reason had most of the public slavering over their every move.

It is a strange quirk of the society we live in where one can get paid good money for watching Tv – but even stranger that people feel the need to alert the wider net community. And stranger still that a webmong needs to comment on it….

For the record, I do something very different now!

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