[comics] Yahoo’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Movie preview page‘…I guess what we have to do is cross our fingers, hold our breaths, and hope that the film itself somehow captures some wink of the magic of Moore’s writing. Maybe. Can Stephen Norrington do it? His first film went direct-to-video, his third has yet to be picked up for distribution, which leaves us with Blade. Blade is a bloody, violent romp of a vampire movie, and while I did enjoy it for exactly what it was, I don’t get anything from it that yells to me “this guy would rock as the director of LoEG”.’ [via Cheesedip]

Preview Page on the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Film

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The link’s been toasted for the forseeable future — exceeded data allocation or some such tripe. Would this mean that the site been “linkmachined” ala “slashdotted?”

That seems very unlikely! :)

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