[euro] A Goosestep too Far? — commentary on Rik Mayall’s pro-Euro Hitler and a brief look at Nazi / Hitler satire …

Rik Mayall as Hitler ... Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Euro.

‘There is a long heritage of Nazi satire, some funny, some trenchant, some negligible, some stupid (we salute you, Freddie Starr, particularly for that hilarious touch of putting the Führer in shorts). When John Cleese put an index finger to his upper lip and did his gangly approximation of a goosestep through the lobby of Torquay’s most benighted hotel, it was funny and important, particularly as it came in a context of lampooning one Briton’s cartoonish views of Germans.’

Rik Mayall as Hitler?!

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There’s an unwritten rule on Usenet. The first person in a debate to use paedophiles or the nazis as part of their case lose the debate by default. This example clearly shows why that is ;)

It’s not that unwritten. Godwin’s Law has an entry in the Jargon File and also an FAQ at Between them they also say that as long as a given debate goes on, the likelihood of someone mentioning the Nazis grows to one, and of course the Euro debate’s been rumbling for years…

However, the ‘classical’ Godwin’s Law doesn’t mention paedophiles. It looks like someone proposed the extension on GLLUG last July.

Watch this space then. The next anti-Euro advert will feature Gary Glitter buying a computer from PC W*rld with Euros whilst singing Do You Wanna Be in My Gang, and winking cheekily to camera.

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