[blogs] Gerard and Dan find each other. From this

‘I’m saying, you simpleton, that to claim that the RSPCA is wasting its time complaining about the welfare of animals while people are dying all over the world, when your own life is so utterly and comically meaningless, is hypocrisy. Or, more precisely, stupidity.’

To this (in about 17 moves) …

‘Mr Dan, where do you live? If it’s London, I’d love to meet up for a (non-alcoholic) drink. You seem like an interesting fellow.’

Great Moments in Blog: ‘I’m saying, you simpleton…’

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There is hope for this crazy messed up world…

Oh to be a fly on the wall at that meeting.

Brilliant. Made my day already. And that meeting would HAVE to be on be pay per view. Someone call Murdoch, now!

I enjoy the idea of “17 moves”.

“Bzzzt! Contradiction! -10 points. Go back three spaces.”

And there’s me just writing people off as nutters – shame on me!

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