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RICK: There’ll be plenty of chicks for these tigers on the road to the Promised Land. This is it! It’s really happening! Who needs qualifications? Who cares about Thatcher and unemployment?! We can do just exactly whatever we want to do! And you know why? Because we’re Young Ones. Bachelor boys! Crazy, mad, wild-eyed, big-bottomed anarchists!! [Rick gazes ahead in horror] Look out!! CLIFF!!!

[The bus plows through a Cliff Richard billboard and over an enormous man-made cliff, crashing down hundreds of feet.]

VYVYAN, MIKE, RICK, NEIL: [together] Whew! That was close!

[The bus explodes]

Young Ones Fansite

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So, does that mean we have got a video?

Ooooh! Have we got a video??

VYVYAN: Right! Come this way Neil!

[walks into the kitchen, rips an entire window, frame and all out of the wall, walks over to Neil (INSERT: several frames of a close up of an outdoor faucet, dripping water in a steady stream. Several large white vans are visible in the background, but are out of focus)]

Sideways on!

[Neil complies by turning 90 degrees, and Vyv drops the window over his head]

NEIL: I still don’t understand! Does that mean we’ve got one or not?

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