[celebs] Is Pete stalking Danny La Rue? ‘If you walk down Malett St and look up there’s a balcony of sorts with shrubs and trees. That’s where he lives. His front door is the one with the arm holding a hammer. I know this because someone told me.’

Stalking Danny La Rue

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Slightly out of context quotes… gotta love them. :)

Stalk him? How could I stalk him? Even dressed up to the nines Mr La Rue would look perfectly normal compared to the usual calibre of folks trying to bum cigarettes off me or asking the way to somewhere-very-near-by as I’m trying to have my fag break. Charing Cross Road – gotta love it.

The whole thing was so incongruous that it needed to be mentioned. Someone pointed out of the window and said he lived there. Someone else backed it up. Looking up, it seems probable that someone could live there quite happily. And with the weird-assed-ness that is Foyles it somehow all made sense.

i’ve always wondered ’bout what was above that golden fist. have you waited outside to see if he ever appears?

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