[film] The Conversation‘Harry is a surveillance genius for whom other people’s privacy is an obstacle to be overcome using equipment he builds himself. He is also a man suffering intensely from guilt: one of his previous assignments resulted in the death of an entire family. This revelation, as well as the film’s depiction of Harry’s Catholicism (we see him at confession, an analogue of the secular eavesdropping Harry practices), complicates his detachment from others by introducing the one element that functions as the “bug” Harry can neither disable nor escape: his own conscience.’ [Related: Conversation at IMDB]

On Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation

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It’s been reissued and is on at the National Film Theatre for the next couple of weeks.

…and is supremely wonderful, and must be seen by everyone. Hopefully it’ll be on when term’s over here; I relish the chance to see it on a REAL sound system…

Never watch it on acid. Not that I, er, have.

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