[books] Elizabeth Wurtzel went shopping… — review of More, Now, Again‘More, Now, Again is the real thing, Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Diary: Complete and Unabridged. This time she’s left absolutely nothing out. For instance, quite a large percentage of More, Now, Again is taken up with what Wurtzel happened to catch on television – and I mean between 10 and 15 per cent. On page 26 she “discovers” ER, while on page 41 we find her watching Saturday Night Live. Occasionally, she attempts something a little more demanding – on page 45 she dips into the latest issues of Vogue and Mademoiselle – but this doesn’t last long and by the time we get to page 47 she’s relapsed: “I watch more MSNBC.” I honestly had no idea that writers could sell this sort of material.’

Elizabeth Wurtzel Went Shopping

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Wurtzel should become a blogger. She’s wasted on books.

That’s actually not a bad suggestion. Not because she’s wasted on books, but because publishing fewer words more often would

a) make it less boring to read


b) make people realise that Wurtzel doesn’t actually have any insight into anything, especially not herself.

Wurtzel is an addict, who describes addicts behaviour. She goes through the motions of giving up, but doesn’t actually want to give up. She wants our sympathy, but isn’t sympathetic. She demands our recognition, but does nothing to deserve it. Wurtzel writes well, but writes about nothing.

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