[911] David Icke on 911 …
  • Alice in Wonderland and the WTC Disaster‘The predictability of the ritualistic, emotionless, reptilian mind can be seen in the news management that has followed this U.S. disaster. Look at what always happens in these circumstances and you will see that the blueprint is the same in almost every case. Before the event happens the fall-guy or “patsy” is already set up to take the blame, thus steering the public mind away from dangerous speculation and onto a pre-ordained target. After the Kennedy assassination it was Lee Harvey Oswald; after Oklahoma it was Timothy McVeigh; now it is Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden, deeply misguided as he may be, is no more responsible for what happened this week than I am.’
  • How it is possible to orchestrate and mastermind a terrorist attack without the terrorists themselves even knowing who is really behind it?‘The Illuminati do not represent a “side” or a “faction”. They CREATE the “sides” and the “factions” and they use them to manipulate the game of divide and rule and centralisation of global power. They operate within the Islamic world as they operate within the “western world”. So as the bigger pyramids envelope the smaller pyramids you reach a point in the structure where the same force is manipulating and organising the horrors in America while also manipulating and organising the RESPONSE to those horrors through their puppets such as Bush, Cheney, Powell, and Blair.’

David Icke on 911 …

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Your analysis is basically accurate, but why be so melodramatic in your description of the process.
You talk about “collective trauma”, but I would describe it as “public theatre”.
Consider some high-profile political assassinations:
JFK in Dealey Plaza,
Benigno Aquino – shot dead by a “communist” patsy on the tarmac in Manila;
or the botched shooting of Yitzhak Rabin…..
Clearly, if murder were the only motive, then these hits could have been arranged to look like accidents.
But the agenda is bigger than simply getting an inconvenient flunky out of the way. There is a message being delivered to the mass audience in the sheer transparency of these “lone nut” assassinations.
We’re being educated in a direct manner. We’re getting a ringside seat for a glimpse of their sheer power and brazen arrogance.
So this goes back to Rome and beyond. There is nothing new here.
As to “problem-reaction-solution” dialiectics…..
Why be so pendantic and over-intelliectuallizing ?
These are nothing but big-time global protection rackets. Different only in scope and scale from the ordinary thuggery and extortion of an Al Capone or a 14th century pack of condottieri ravaging the countryside – then shaking down the locals for the promise of peace. There’s nothing particularly mystical or intellectual or dramatic about our global elites.
They’re just another gang of hoods that wants to dominate the planet and get sadistic thrills out of tormenting the defenseless “proles”.

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