[comics] Graphic novel wins First Book AwardChris Ware wins the Guardian First Book Award for 2001 with Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth. ‘Claire Armitstead, chair of the judges and literary editor of the Guardian, said: “Jimmy Corrigan is a fantastic winner, because it so clearly shows what the Guardian First Book Award is about – originality and energy and star quality, both in imagination and in execution. Chris Ware has produced a book as beautiful as any published this year, but also one which challenges us to think again about what literature is and where it is going at the start of the 21st century.”‘

Chris Ware Wins Guardian’s First Book Award

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Well fuck me I didn’t see that coming. Oh, except that every time The Guardian has mentioned its First Book Award it’s mentioned Chris Ware in a very back-slapping oh-aren’t-we-radical-look-every-one-else-nominates-children’s-books-but-we’ve-got-a-comic-in-our-list kind of a way, and then mentioned the other books as an after thought. Hell, I read the Guardian Review section from cover to cover every Saturday and I couldn’t tell you who the other nominees are.

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