[comics] I still have overwhelming doubt about my ability — an interview with Chris Ware from The Guardian today… ‘Purposelessness. Ware likes this, the fact that the art-school snobs think his work is trivial. It strengthens his faith in the crooked path, the unorthodox way. For example, in the book, the story is interrupted by cute little sections to cut out and make into 3-D sets. Ware doesn’t imagine that anyone will actually do this. But he put them in anyway. “They hold the promise of enjoyment through lonely activity, which I like. And I’ve always thought there’s something very delicate and innocent about paper assemblage.”‘ [Related: ACME Novelty Toy Gallery]

Chris Ware Interview

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I readily admit to the fact that it’s a “lonely activity,” these paper toys. After all, I started making more of them after I was laid off and had broken up with my girlfriend. But honestly, it’s really fun too.

In any case, when I first asked Mr. Ware about posting the toy gallery, he said: “Feel free to post pictures of the cut out stuff anytime you like — but I feel guilty that you’re spending so much time on them … get out of the house — get some fresh air — besides, some of the measurements are off.”

Thanks for linking, Darren, your site is marvelous.


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