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  • Tom and Vaughan both mention the impossibility of buying property in London. They could try — Mortgage Sharing [which is working sucessfully for me].
  • Top 100 Comics of August 2001. ‘1) New X-Men #117’
  • Unsurprisingly, Doom is GameSpy’s Top 50 Game of all Time‘It’s a testament to Doom’s superior design and longetivity that it still has a thriving community today, building modifications, maps, and utilities as if it were 1994. What’s more, since id Software released the game’s source code a few years back, a number of “source ports” have appeared, which extend the game’s features and capabilities into the 21st century. ‘ [Related: ZDoom — best updated Source Port]
  • Slashdot covers Groth Vs. McCloud on Digital Comics‘Really now, what is the advantage of using flash for a static image comic (other than zooming)? 3 advantages: KAPOW! BLAM! BIFF!’
  • Last Big Brother link of 2001 — Oh my God! It’s Helen’s hair — This is London visits Classy Cutz …‘We move to a seat by reception; the phone rings non-stop; every other call is a hoax; dirty calls, hang-ups, laughing down the phone. One man calls and says he’s an old friend of Helen’s and do they have a contact number for her? “I don’t think so,” he is told matter-of-factly.’


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