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  • I wonder what sort of Big Brother 2 housemate Paul from Digital Trickery would be? ‘The less I hear about this pleb-pleasing triviafest the better. I mean, why does anyone give a flying toss about it? ‘
  • Adventure for the Atari 2600 — one of my favourite computer games ever… ‘Adventure also contained the first Easter Egg (hidden surprise) in a video game, which in this case was the author’s signature hidden in a secret room.’
  • Friday’s Media Nugget was Ghost World. ‘Few movies have expressed the transition from teen to adult with such farcical honesty. An adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name by Daniel Clowes (who co-wrote the film), Ghost World beautifully retains the style and attitude of its comic book forebear. ‘
  • New Order WebsiteTrue Faith Video. ‘When I was a very small boy Very small boys talked to me. Now that we’ve grown up together They’re afraid of what they see. That’s the price that we all pay And the value of destiny comes to nothing. I can’t tell you where we’re going I guess there was just no way of knowing.’
  • Friday Night expressed as a link.
  • Profile of Iain Duncan Smith…. ‘In background and style Tebbit and Duncan Smith could hardly have been more different, but they both held fast to key tenets of the Thatcherite canon – principally the supremacy of the nation state. Asked while electioneering what he thought of foxhunting, Duncan Smith was prevented from replying by Tebbit, who pointed to his colleague’s mouth and said: “Madam, these are the teeth of a killer. This man must have meat or die.”‘

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