[stuff] Random Linkage:

  • Anthony Soprano: ‘Mother of Christ! Is this a woman thing? You ask me how I’m feeling. I TELL you how I’m feeling. And now you’re going to torture me with it.’ [from Sopranos Sounds]
  •…. on Blogs. ‘It’s only a matter of hours before all weblogs disappear up their collective meta-arse.’
  • An abiding image for 2001? Judge: Mr Milosevic, this is not the time for speeches. As I have said you will have a full opportunity in due course to defend yourself and to make your defence before the tribunal. This is not the moment to do so. This matter is now adjourned.’ [BBC News Transcript]
  • Dr. William Minor at Dr. Minor would have been a blogger if he’d been born 140 years later…
  • The Washington Post revisits Watergate…. 25 years later (in 1997). Ben Bradlee on Deep Throat: ‘I think he had a strange, passionate devotion to the truth and a horror at what he saw going on. ‘

Random Linkage

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