[weblogs] Linus, Bill and Steve have an amusing Newbie Blog ChatBillGates34: My blog is named Blog O’ Bill, in case you guys wanna link me. It’s an acronym…..B.O.B. ….it spells Bob. A guy’s name. Cool, eh? SteveJobsMac: Um….yeah, Einstein. Real cool. Except that your name isn’t Bob. Correct me if I’m wrong. BillGates34: Sheeesh…it’s just a joke. Lighten up, dude. Hey…what browsers do you guys use? I use IE :) LinusTorvalds69: DUH!! SteveJobsMac: DUH!!’

Newbie Blogger Linus, Bill and Steve On Blogging

This entry was posted on Saturday, September 16th, 2000 at 8:26 am and is filed under Blogs, Funny.

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