22 December 2008
[maps] Motorway Map of the UK done in the style of the London Underground Map … [via]
21 November 2005
[travel] Blogjam in North Korea — Fraser visited the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and produced some great reports… From Day Four: ‘…[We are] taken to the Arch of Triumph, built in 1982 and (as we’re repeatedly told) three meters taller than its more famous Parisienne counterpart. The construction is dedicated to “the home return of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung who liberated Korea from Japanese colonialism”. To be honest, there’s not much that this fella didn’t do.’
9 September 2005
[film] Let’s Go To Birmingham — wonderful 1962 short film to download from the BFI … ‘Driver’s-eye view of the rail track on the London to Birmingham (via Leamington Spa) run of the Blue Pullman, to the accompaniment of Johann Strauss’s Perpetuum Mobile’ [via Peter Cooper]
16 August 2005
[trains] Accessible UK Train Timetables‘This is an accessible version of the National Rail Enquiries train timetable site, giving access to the information on that site no matter what browser you are using, with no requirement for cookies, JavaScript and iframes. It works by screenscraping the information on the official site…’ [via]
25 November 2003
[wifi] In the Air Tonight — report about Wifi Networks being installed aboard trains in Britain … ‘The train is fitted with a satellite dish on top of its restaurant carriage. This connects to the internet through a range of different networks (including satellite and GPRS) and then distributes the bandwidth throughout the train. Connecting in this way means that if one connection goes down, another automatically replaces it, which allows for a constant connection even at speeds in excess of 100mph. The service, which is in its early stages, is variable. Some areas provide faster net access than others, but simple tasks, like accessing web pages and sending email, worked quite well throughout my two and a half hour journey’ [via The Daily Chump]
11 June 2002
[football] Japanese Phase of the Day from Channel 4 News

2 January 2001
[travel] One of Philip Greenspun’s Web Travel Reviews — a short city guide for Las Vegas. ‘Personally I never wanted to learn how to win so I don’t gamble. If I were to gamble, I would do it at Binion’s Horseshoe in downtown Las Vegas. Binion’s has all the grit of old Las Vegas, before so many Disneyland-esque hotels were built on the Strip. The founder, Benny Binion, is a legendary figure. His son Ted was murdered on September 17, 1998 by his girlfriend and her lover. The girlfriend, Sandy Murphy, was an former topless dancer half Binion’s age. The death was arranged to look accidental, with Binion taking an overdose of Xanax, a prescription tranquilizer. Binion’s sister prompted an investigation: “That was not Ted . . . Ted would be the first one to tell you that his drug of choice was heroin.”‘