6 June 2005
[puzzle] Sudoku Spreadsheet — Frustrated by Sudoku? Got Excel?
31 May 2005
[puzzles] Sudoku Solver‘I have written this solver to show the extent of the possible logical solutions that derive from the numbers on the board.’
26 May 2005
[puzzle] Can you Digit? — more about Sudoku from the Guardian … ‘I now have the profound dissatisfaction of being obsessed with something I’m not very good at.’
19 May 2005
[puzzle] How To Solve Sudoku‘A colleague at work sent me the puzzle and I sat down and worked out this way of solving it. Being slightly computer literate I decided to make a spreadsheet do all the hard work. I circulated the solution and someone suggested I publish the algorithm – I hope it helps.’ [via The Guardian’s Newsblog]
14 May 2005
[puzzle] Diamond Geezer on Sudoku: ‘…like all the best puzzles it’s fiendishly simple.’