March 17, 2000
[london] I booked tickets for the London Eye today. According to the Guardian the London Eye is the place to be seen….
March 16, 2000
My hour is up. More later…
March 15, 2000
My hour at easyEverything is up. I’m outta here…
[personal shite] Okay…. I’m sitting in the easyEverything in Tottenham Court Road. My legs hurt… I’m thirsty… Let’s Blog!
March 6, 2000
In my real job I am a so-called “IT Support Analyst” but if this World Weekly News is right — I want to change my Job Title to Witchfinder General!
March 5, 2000
I also watched Bullitt and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Last Night. Movie trivia: Robert Duvall has a role as a very grumpy looking Taxi Driver in Bullit. It was weird seeing him look so young…
March 4, 2000
‘I’ve done questionable things.’ — Roy Batty.
I’m sitting watching Blade Runner. I suppose this is as good a way as any to start a weblog…