September 6, 2001
[web] Dutchbint started the National Online Decency Compliance Standard page… baited it with search-engine referrals from her weblog and redirected a few choice words — cuntbusters being a particular favorite apparently — soon the appeals started to roll in‘I am a hardworking man who does not need permission from anyone on weather or not i can look at pretty women catfighting. Why don’t you idiots concentrate on the perverts trying to find kiddyporn? They are the ones who need help. Meanwhile leave people like me alone. Don’t try to take away my rights. If you guys tried loosening up a little bit you might have a little more fun. Maybe try to enjoy life a litte more. It should be guys like me watching guys like you. I’ll bet your the ones cheating on your wives.’
[distractions] Another classic time waster… On-Line Air Hockey. [via Pop Bitch]
August 28, 2001
[distraction] Ant City — What happens when you focus a giant magnifying glass on a little city full of tiny People, tiny Helicopters, tiny Cars and tiny Oil Tankers? KA-BOOM! [via Sore Eyes]
August 22, 2001
[distraction] Lastest version of Windows. [via Wanderers Weblog]
July 31, 2001
[distractions] Feed The Tango Inside‘Oh no! You’re not still seeing her, are you? You’ve been wanting to get out of this relationship for years, and now the mother speaks of marriage? You must do something drastic my friend. Make a pass at her father! Go on… just give his knee a little squeeze…’
June 28, 2001
[distractions] Another really addictive game… BLiX. ‘Is BLiX just a pixel in someone else’s game?’
June 11, 2001
[distraction] Pretty massive distraction actually — Flash Mini-Golf. [via Wanderers Weblog]
May 8, 2001
[distraction] Excellent on-line gameboy emulator with a number of games… just like the real thing.
April 18, 2001
[politics] Proof that the Tory Party is indeed The Dogs Bollocks… [thanks to Meg — blogging via proxy!]
April 17, 2001
[sick fun] Misery 2 — Hobble Bill Gates. [via WEF]
April 3, 2001
[hero] Design you own Sports / Super / Fantasy Heroes at HeroMachine. [via PopBitch]
March 27, 2001
[blog meme] Write your URL on a Fiver Day! ‘is it a criminal offence to write on money? i dunno. possibly. but i remember reading about a bloke who wrote on a five pound note, spent it and got it handed back to him 300 miles away when he was on holiday.’
March 23, 2001
[distraction] The McSweenifier. ‘A Method for Formatting Arbitrary Text In the Style of the Popular Internet Journal “McSweeney’s”.’ [via FOAF]
March 14, 2001
[distractions] Ah… the Muppaphone. So distracting and clickable…. [thanks to Brainsluice] and Safeplaces — a ‘digital playground’. [thanks to Chris]
February 28, 2001
[distractions] Apocamon – The Final Judgement. Play Pokémon with characters from the Bible’s Book of Revelations… ‘All contents copyright © 80 A.D. St. John the Divine. All rights reserved.’ [via clog]
February 16, 2001
[meme] ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!! [Related Links: Metafiler Post]
[distractions] Not quite as cool as the StorTroopers… Create your own Mr Man or Little Miss Character… [via Kooky Mojo]
February 14, 2001
[VD] Digital Trickery presents… WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME THEN? ‘You’ve bitten the bullet and bared your soul to the object of your affections (or carnal lust). And.. well, the response wasn’t quite what you’d hoped it be. A polite text message saying “Thanks but no thanks”? Absolute wall of silence? Don’t they know how hard that was for you??’
January 18, 2001
[meme] The storTrooper meme enters stage three: bloging splatTroopers‘spare me, I will link to you…’ [I am top row, third from the right. Feel free to splat me.]
December 18, 2000
[am i this or not?] Tell me… am I REALLY A STIFF or NOT?
December 9, 2000
[top trumps] Prostitute Trading Trumps. ‘Pete’s gone for an advanced tactic here. There’s not much text information on the card, so he’s going for a picture play. The more nudity the better. Two breasts beats a buttock and a half by a mile. Matthew wins.’ [via Pete@Bugpowder who also hosts an excellent comic related weblog]
December 8, 2000
[kill!] KILL! DIE! KILL! Hamster Blast. Ah… I feel better now…
November 17, 2000
[weblogs] Don Hon’s Blogtrumps. Collect the Set! Jason Kottke vs. Matt Webb ‘ Hair is actually blue as it is travelling faster than light and therefore blueshifted. Can travel in time.’
November 16, 2000
[distractions] Nice site… pixelflo. Contains many distractions… I especially like the fridge magnet toy.
November 15, 2000
[distractions] Very useful: ‘Where are the cats?‘ in various lauguages…. German — ‘Wo sind die Katzen?’ or Japanese — ‘Nekotachi-wa do ko de suka?’
November 5, 2000
[distractions] Fantastic Amateur Secret Radio Decoder Outfit [Shockwave] — designed by Chris Ware… [Related Links: Decoder Home Page]
October 17, 2000
[text messaging] Text Message Theatre? Weblogtastic… Tom’s Inbox / Outbox I, Tom’s Inbox II, Meg’s Inbox / Outbox. ‘Yes. Be good. Or bad. Or something.’
August 13, 2000
[big brother] Hours of fun with DIY Big Brother. ‘Big Brother is worried that things are getting dull, so he summons the housemates to have a mass debate about sex. After far too many cans of cider, Sarah admits that she likes to be spanked on the arse with a Bowl. Chris says he never wears condoms because they make his willy sore and Neil agrees. Joanne goes into a rant about how none of the other housemates have ever enjoyed a true orgasm because they’re all boring heterosexual bastards. Nicky sits in the corner, quietly eyeing up Neil.’
July 21, 2000
[pop] Hours of fun with Perpetual Bubblewrap… [requires Flash]
July 13, 2000
[cows] Fling Cows into Crop Circles! Woo-Hoo!
June 30, 2000
[ali g] Ali G Interactive Rapper [Requires Sound Card and Flash]