16 July 2009
[books] An Interview With Michael Lewis

‘When I write a long magazine piece that gets attention I feel like it’s more widely read now than it was ten years ago, by a long way. In fact, it feels excessively well read. Twenty years ago I might get a couple of notes in the mail and I’d hear about it maybe at a dinner party. And that would be the end of it, and it would go away very quickly. Ten years ago it would get passed around by email, and it would seem to have a life to me that would go on a little longer. Now the blogosphere picks it up and it becomes almost like a book: it lives for months. I’m getting responses to it for months. And I don’t think the journalism has gotten any better. It’s just the environment you publish it in is more able to rapidly get it to the people who are or might be interested in it.’

17 January 2001
[social magic] Just Don’t Say the R-Word. Naomi Klein talks about bringing on a recession just by writing about it… ‘There’s a name for vesting the repetition of a word or phrase with the power to change real-world events. It’s called magic. And we all know the economy of the 21st century isn’t based on magic. It’s based on carefully calibrated rules of supply and demand. I can’t bring about a recession just by writing about it, can I? Oops, as Britney might say, I did it again.’ [via the Guardian Unlimited Weblog]