[photos] 5 Unintended Consequences of Photography‘Photography Gave Us an Appreciation of Time – The big events of life usually pass too slowly for us to observe. But photographs freeze the instants of change so we can see our child getting older by degrees, or our parents gradually aging across the years. And we can piece together a year from a thousand photographed memories of events our memories consider too minor to keep handy. We take this power of capturing time for granted, but it simply didn’t exist prior to photography.’

The Unintended Consequences of Photography

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Not an original thought but one I read recently.

Nowadays, when cameras are near universal, people think less about taking photos. When the number of shots on a film was limited, photographers spent more time looking at the subject.

(I note that there is some contradictory behaviour. When taking a group posed shot, many people take one or two photos, when half a dozen in quick succession would usually give a better result.)

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