[space] The Loyal Engineers Steering NASA’s Voyager Probes Across the Universe … a wonderful profile of the team managing the Voyager Probes on their long journey into interstellar space … ‘Even though they simulate every patch with software, there is plenty of room for human error. Far more often, hardware fails for no evident reason. In 1998, Voyager 2 reacted to a command by going silent. For 64 hours straight, the flight team studied the specific instruction – consisting of 18 bits, or 1s and 0s – that preceded the blackout. Bits have been known to ‘‘flip” to the opposite value, changing the instruction the same way that swapping a single letter turns ‘‘cat” into ‘‘cut.” The question was: What instruction had they accidentally given and how could they undo it? At last, modeling the outcome of each possible bit, they discovered one that turned off the exciter, which generates the spacecraft’s radio signal; when they turned it back on, the transmissions resumed.’

Profile of the Engineers Piloting NASA’s Voyager Probes on their Long Journey…

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