[crime] JonBenét Ramsey: the brutal child murder that still haunts America‘Parent-blaming is all-too-common these days, and usually the point is to make other parents feel better about their own parenting skills. But in cases such as that of JonBenét, something else is going on. By demonising parents who have suffered a terrible trauma, the rest of us can reassure ourselves that they are different from us: those parents are flawed, even evil, and we are good and therefore our child will never go missing – in Kos, in Praia de Luz, from our house in the middle of the night – like theirs did. The rush to blame JonBenét’s parents can also be partly put down to the public needing to reassure themselves that, contrary to what the Ramseys said, killers don’t break into houses and murder children where they should be most safe. That only happens when the parents themselves are killers. And yet.’

Why the Murder of JonBenét Ramsey Still Haunts Us

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What utter rubbish. There have never been any other credible suspects than the people in the house when the victim was murdered, in spite of them naming over 200 “other” people.

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