[tv] The Mystery of the Creepiest Television Hack … the true story of how a Pseudo-Max Headroom briefly hijacked Chicago TV broadcasting one evening in 1987 …

Then the camera cuts to Max from a slightly new angle, facing off screen and bent over. His mask dangles near the camera; his face is off screen and his buttocks are hanging out, front and center. “They’re coming to get me!” he screams. On the right side of the screen, a woman lazily spanks his ass with a flyswatter. “Come get me bitch!” he yells. The scream becomes a distorted, symphonic drone. And then just as quickly as his arrival, the signal cuts out, and Chicago was back to the eerie quiet of the regularly scheduled Dr. Who episode.

“As far as I can tell,” the Doctor observes at that very moment, “a massive electric shock. He must have died instantly.”

That Time Max Headroom Hijacked A Chicago TV Broadcast

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I have an incredibly vague recollection of something similar happening overnight on ITV in the Grenada region sometime in the early 1990s. Back then, thirteen or fourteen-year-old me had discovered the joys of late night Saturday television when they played music programmes and, occasionally, Sledge Hammer until about 5am, when they reverted to showing Oracle pages. One night, sometime after The Hitman and Her had finished, the signal seemed to loop back and start rebroadcasting stuff from about half an hour ago, but with new, live continuity announcer links. He was a twenty-something cheesy-creepy guy with dark hair in what seemed to be a moderately professional-looking studio. Puzzled me at the time, but I stuck with it until the Oracle pages started broadcasting. That was the only time it ever happened that I saw, and I haven’t managed to find any information about it since, or even other anecdotes by anyone else who saw it. Test broadcast for the Night Network, accidental broadcast crossover with another region, signal intrusion or the over-active imagination of a sleep-deprived teenager?

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