[weird] The 6 Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls [Page 1 | Page 2] … ‘An Anonymous Caller Predicted JFK’s Assassination: Sometime after 10 a.m. on a routine workday, an Oxnard, California, switchboard operator received a call from a whispering woman who dropped a bombshell: the president of the United States was going to die in 10 minutes. That time passed without incident, but the woman, still on the phone, doubled-down: “The president is going to die at 10:30.” She continued to babble away with cryptic statements like, “The Supreme Court. There’s going to be fire in all the windows,” and, “The government takes over everything, lock, stock, and barrel,” before the call finally disconnected at 10:25…’

The 6 Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls

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