[movies] Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs: out of time?… Twenty years after the release of Jurassic Park how realistic were the dinosaurs … ‘New finds show that the forelimbs of tyrannosaurs were rather closer together than previously assumed – on screen those famous little arms are set far up the side of the animal, but in fact should be much closer together and almost underneath the head. These are minor details in appearance compared to the probability that Tyrannosaurus had feathers, or the fact that there’s no good evidence that Velociraptor was a pack hunter or especially smart (or as fast as a cheetah while we’re on the subject), and the giant frill and venom-spitting in Dilophosaurus is basically fiction.’

How Realistic Were Jurassic Park’s Dinosaurs?

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This is the beauty of Jurassic Park; the dinosaurs were cloned, so there’s bound to be abberations or modifications which benefitted the park owners. In fact, Crichton specifically mentions this in the book; that the engineers modified the dinosaurs for their own ends, including, but not limited to the lysome contingent, where the dinosaurs would not be able to survive if they escaped from the park due to not being able to naturally manufacture the enzyme lysome (which they are given as a supplement in their diet during captivity). However, as with forelimbs, feathers and venom, to paraphrase Robert Malcolm: “nature finds a way”.

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