[tech] It’s OK to Be a Hater Because Everything Is Bad … amusing rant about the awfulness of technology … ‘Tablets are a complete luxury item—PURE luxury—and owning one makes you an asshole, instantly, categorically. It’s a wonderful toy. But a toy. A big boy toy. Nobody needs an iPad. Nobody. Not a single person, unless you’re literally so stupid and/or infirm that you can’t use a keyboard and mouse like the rest of the industrialized (or barbaric) world. iPads are a status symbol, a second computer that’s built expressly for convenience. You’re spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars to make your cushy life even cushier by carrying a beautiful computer you don’t need that you can use while flopped down on the couch or leaning against an airplane window like the bourgeois brat idiot you are. You don’t need this thing, and you know you don’t need it. You need a PC-yes. You need a PC to be part of modern society. But you don’t need an iPad, and the entire notion of the luxury device is noxious and offensive…’

It’s OK to Be a Hater Because Everything Is Bad (Gizmodo)

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Just thought you should know – as I post from my iPad (neglecting to call you a pompous twit) – that iPads and tablets will reduce the use of paper used by students and business professionals alike. Although you may not be able to contemplate the possibilities new technology beyond your reach can provide, some of us are highlighting and revising pdf documents on tablets instead of printing and wasting paper. Business execs are publishing briefs on apps for tablets in order to it print multi page laminated works multiple times a month. Saying iPads and tablets are bourgeois because your are incapable of erecting a reasonable use in your own mind, sitting annoyed at those who enjoy them around you, is like berating cellphones because people roam about sputtering useless nonsense. “I remember when we had to talk in the kitchen, because the cord was only four feet long!” Ever hear that nonsense? So next time you go to insulting people because they’ve decided to buy into the ‘new-wave’ – remember I’m out there, with my iPad, ready to strike at any moment.

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