[books] Has Neal Stephenson Become Too Accessible?‘Putting aside the daunting question of how even a writer of Stephenson’s talents could continue to keep topping himself every time out, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t head in a different direction every now and then. What’s more — I thoroughly enjoyed “Reamde.” I couldn’t put it down — which, for a thriller, has got to be the highest praise. Despite its 1,000-plus pages, “Reamde” moves right along.’

Salon Asks: Has Neal Stephenson Become Too Accessible?

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Not going to read any of these articles until I finish the book but I thought Cobweb, (which he wrote yonks ago) was a very accessible thriller, (as well as being one of the best things he’s done in my not so humble opinion) so writing thrillers is hardly a new thing

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