[books] Forgotten Bookmarks … a lovely blog from a bookseller posting the bookmarks and the odd thing found in second-hand books. On his most common and unique finds: ‘Pressed leaves are by far the most common. I’ve actually stopped saving them, they are too fragile to keep and I don’t think there’s much interest in 100-year-old maple leaves. Sometimes I find money, like an old crown, but that’s rare. The most unique was a suicide note from the 1930’s, but I decided not to post that one.’

A Blog About Forgotten Bookmarks

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And I thought it was a blog dedicated to old websites you find deeply in your bookmarks file, and where they’ve gone.

I need to get out more.

heh. isn’t that delicious? I think I heard it once described as the website where old bookmarks go to die… :)

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