[blogs] This Blog’s 10th Birthday … a remarkable achievement – Feeling Listless completes ten years of consistently well done longform blogging … ‘If I was to sit down and write a thesis, perhaps something I’d also consider is whether blogging existed initially because it was insanely difficult for most amateurs to post anything to the web but text. In 2001, although some video and picture sites were available but not a lot of people, at least in the UK, used broadband and it took hours to upload anything via dial up.’

After Ten Years… Still Feeling Listless

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Damn. That’s astonishing. Congratulations and happy birthday.

I’ve been visiting for almost the entire 10 years I’d guess yet I’d say this might be my second comment ever. Based on duration and yours is the only one from back then that survives, that makes you the greatest blogger I’ve ever read.

Thanks very much for all the entertainment.

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